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Shipping - The Element Collection (Boxed Set)

We are able to ship the Element Collection within the UK using a special courier service for £45 to most mainland locations.

We are also now able to ship the sets internationally, although 18 of the samples must be sent using costly HAZMAT procedures. Unfortunately the regulations make no allowance for very small quantities or carefully designed packaging. The cost is considerable (US $400 per shipment).

If you are reluctant to consider this expense, there are two other options available:
1) Contact us to express an interest in ordering and we will investigate whether the shipping costs can be split between several customers. This is likely to involve some delay.
2) Order the basic set which provides unregulated compounds in place of the 18 samples considered hazardous for transport. These compounds contain the relevant element in each case, but not in pure form. For example we provide silver bromide in place of elemental bromine.

Please contact us by email at
info@element-collection.com if you are interested in one of these international ordering options.

Shipping - Element Samples

Shipping costs are per package, so ordering several elements reduces the per sample charge considerably. Various options are available. Within the UK we use Royal Mail Special Delivery (6 per order and normally overnight) for non-hazmat packages and a special courier 45 per order and normally 2-3 working days) for a shipment that includes any of the hazardous items indicated in the list below. For international orders we use Royal Mail Express Airmail (5-7 working days $15 per order) or FedEx (1-2 days $60 to most destinations). For international HAZMAT charges (this can be expensive), please contact us.



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